An American made brand based out of Minnesota.  Internationally known for its unique style of artistry, music, & entertainment.  Why Lie Records is the most anticipated thing to happen 2018.  Expected to spread rapidly like most internet videos you see "go viral."  Owner/Founder Grailon White a.k.a. Cool Grai or "Cool" is an entrepreneurial genius & business minded individual.  He's impressively smart, liked, loved, hard working & easy to get along with.

  • Why Lie Records and Entertainment launching 2018 is one of the best record companies in the business.  The 1st label to ever reach millions without even a tour. (Including many artists from various genres like hip-hop, pop, r&b, soul... etc.)

In comparison to all other major record labels you can consider Why Lie "The King Of Kings" 

(The One & Only) 


Be The Truth